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Secure backup storage

Security and reliability of data storage is the top priority
Security and reliability of data storage is the top priority

TuchaBackup is a service of secure backup storage on remote servers outside Ukraine (mainly in Germany). Why is it better to store important data in a cloud? Unlike local storage, clouds guarantee physical safety and security of data. Information is protected from loss or third party interference. You have access to your data at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Choose a ready-made solution

These are the configurations that our customers most frequently choose

50 GB
5.00 / month
151.28 ₴ / month
$ 5.48 / month
429.60 p / month
Disk space:50 Gb
Price For 1 Gb:
$ 0.110
8.592 p
100 GB
10.00 / month
302.56 ₴ / month
$ 10.95 / month
859.19 p / month
Disk space:100 Gb
Price For 1 Gb:
$ 0.110
8.592 p
250 GB
25.00 / month
756.41 ₴ / month
$ 27.38 / month
2 147.98 p / month
Disk space:250 Gb
Price For 1 Gb:
$ 0.110
8.592 p
1 GB
67.00 / month
2 027.18 ₴ / month
$ 73.37 / month
5 756.58 p / month
Disk space:1000 Gb
Price For 1 Gb:
$ 0.073
5.757 p
2 GB
100.00 / month
3 025.64 ₴ / month
$ 109.51 / month
8 591.91 p / month
Disk space:2000 Gb
Price For 1 Gb:
$ 0.055
4.296 p

For legal entities that pay VAT, the price already includes VAT

Set up your configuration

Choose the required amount of resources for your tasks

Disk space
Выберете необходимое количество ГБ
33% 50% 60% 67% 71% 75%

For legal entities that pay VAT, the price already includes VAT


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Advantages of backup-hosting
Ability to use secure access protocols (SFTP, SCP, RSYNCoSSH)
Unlike free services, we are responsible for data security
More opportunities
More opportunities
Unlimited traffic
Transferring large files
Secure storage of backups
Secure storage of backups

The service will provide you reliable backup storage that will help you to restore all important data and individual files. Cloud backup hosting provides round-the-clock access to your backups from anywhere in the world. The availability of the service is 99.9%.


Cloud backup hosting
Cloud backup hosting

You can use TuchaBackup service to backup:

  • Databases of accounting systems, CRM -, ERP-systems, 1C servers.
  • Document archives, e-mail, and backups of company sites.
  • Files of any format, work projects, and presentations.

Document and system backups allow you to protect your data from loss, deletion, and damages.

What is cloud backup?
What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup service allows you to preserve critical data that affect the performance of your company or individual departments. Placing backups on remote servers, rather than in the office, helps to protect your data from loss or third party interference.

The service allows you to use secure access protocols FTP (by default), SFTP, SCP, RSYNCoSSH. Traffic is unlimited, so you can transfer large files.

Data storage with multilingual support
Data storage with multilingual support

Tucha backup hosting is your reliable backup storage and the top-class technical support, which is always with you. We will help you to adjust a backup set if necessary, and we will be in touch 24/7. Call or email us at any time and we will answer any question that interests you.


Special Business Solutions
Backup provider
Backup provider
  • placement of data abroad (mainly in Germany)
  • automatic data backup
31% of computer users lost ALL data at least once
50% of entrepreneurs who had been without data for 10 days immediately went bankrupt
60% of entrepreneurs who had lost all their data stopped operating within 6 months
93% of companies that had failed to recover data within 10 days went bankrupt within a year
Popular questions

Can I purchase the TuchaBackup service as an add-on to a cloud server?

Yes, of course. TuchaBit and TuchaFlex+ virtual servers provide reliable placement of your company's IT infrastructure, separate work applications, or specialized software outside your office. TuchaBackup service securely stores backups of important data (documents, archives, accounting system databases, CRM and ERP systems, etc.) and provides you with additional information protection. 

How system snapshots are different from backups?

Snapshot (system snapshot) is a copy of a virtual machine disk of the entire system with software and data stored on it at a certain point in time. Snapshot helps to restore the system to its original working state after any critical changes (for example, after a virus attack). The cost of TuchaBit and TuchaFlex+ services already includes two snapshots.
Snapshots and data backup are different things. Backups are copies of individual files that can be restored after crashes or attacks. Snapshots also help to restore the state of the entire system, so the best solution is to use these tools together

How secure is my data in the TuchaBackup cloud?

We work only with data centers with Tier 3 security level or higher. Selected data centers provide secure storage of your data, 99.9% server availability, fault tolerance, and system operation even in case of data center failures.

Where will my data be stored?

All backups are stored outside Ukraine (mainly in Germany) on remote servers. Renting a server placed in Germany means that your important information is reliable and protected from loss and you have stable 24х7 access to your data.

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Our customer reviews

The dynamics of modern business is setting new requirements for flexibility in all areas of business, especially in the IT sector. ...

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A cloud solution is an excellent way to work without having an office. Unfortunately, not all managers understand this. We really like the speed of work. No glitches in the work. Having experience with servers, we can say that only a few servers work like this.

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Commercial Director
Private Company Trade-Service

"Faced" more than a year ago. Took a closer look..... Tried ..... And? If stick to Subj, then service support  is operational, professional, "does not leave in trouble."...managers are very tactful, REALLY attentive to partners/clients, unobtrusively pushing "cheer up"! (Thank you!) :)
the accounting department is friendly, PUNCTUAL and CONCISE! :)
In general, here is my opinion. Creative spirit, affability, honesty and "... without fuss and unnecessary words, does the job... Uplink company"
Good luck to you (and us!) guys! :)...

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Vladimir Trushliakov
IT expert

Only positive:
+ super adequate managers
+ really fast support with a desire to help a lot of pleasant emotions from
+ business design and additional things. In general, you can rarely find a company like this.
I recommend it!

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Technical director
Gravity Electric

Many thanks for the technical support. Special thanks to Evgenii Puzanov. Efficiently. Sensible. Factually!!)))

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Кorol Natali

Many thanks to Tucha company, and in particular to the manager Vadim, for excellent service and quality work. I have never regretted that I work with you:) Keep going in the same way :)

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Executive director

The best tech support I've ever seen! If I need to do something with the service at 3:00 am, there will always be a specialist who will help/advise/answer my questions. The quality of services is also high, everything works like a clock) Thank you.

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IT Director

Fast technical support, extensive consultations. Special thanks to Vadim for his advice and help

Read Full Story
Alexander Smirnov
leading specialist
PTC Ukrgazkomplekt

I have been using Tucha services for more than 2 years. I am 200% satisfied with the service provided. The technical support team pleases with the speed of response and clarity of execution of any requests.
The company's managers are always courteous and offer more favorable terms of cooperation.
After transferring sites to the cloud, I forgot what a site "breakdown" is.
Thank you!

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System administrator
RVH Service

Our company has been working with Uplink since 2007. All this time we get pleasure from cooperation. Technical problems almost did not occur, and if there was any trouble, we were always helped promptly and friendly by technical specialists (special thanks to Evgenii, Vladimir). Uplink is a comfort zone that you don't want to leave... Try it, you won't regret.
Once again, many THANKS to the entire company and each employee personally. Good luck and prosperity to you!!!

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How our cloud works

Our data center has Tier 3 level of reliability, which ensures the availability of information even during technical works. The servers have Intel Xeon E5 processors version 3 or higher and a frequency of at least 2.4 GHz. For data storage we use SSD drives combined in RAID10 disk arrays. The role of a data storage system is performed by Supermicro servers. Apache CloudStack is used as a cloud management system, and the hypervisor is KVM. Most equipment is installed in the Telehouse Frankfurt data center in Germany.

1000 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
150000+ IOPS
SLA 99.9%
Data centres Tier 3 level or higher
Multilingual support
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