Tucha Cloud Solutions


Tucha.ua is the first Ukrainian provider of cloud infrastructure. We have been working since 2012 and have implemented more than 1000 virtualization projects. The company provides virtual servers with flexible configurations, backup hosting services and reliable placement of mail and sites in Ukrainian and foreign datacentres, as well as cloud storage for file synchronization and exchange. And we were the first in Ukraine and one of the first in the world who launched the container infrastructure and automation CI/CD TuchaKube service.

Our advantages

  • Security
    Safety and protection of our customers` data is the number one priority for Tucha. Cloud technology features are complemented by a high level of expertise and legal guarantees.
  • Reliability and continuity 
    Tucha allows you to simplify your local IT infrastructure. The absence of complex and expensive equipment in the system eliminates the need to invest money and spend the time of specialists on its repair and maintenance. At the same time, IT professionals can focus on more complex and important tasks of a company.
  • Mobility
    If it is allowed by the security policy of a client company, you can use any device to access Tucha. From a thin client in the office to a laptop in a café. All the data that a user is working on remains in the cloud.
  • Saving of time
    Tucha allows you to be fully prepared for work and if necessary, scale your IT infrastructure in a matter of hours.
  • Up-to-dateness
    Virtual servers in Tucha cannot become outdated, as well as software that can always be updated without buying new licenses to use it.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Tucha provides additional workspaces, servers, and computing resources to a client on-demand, eliminating the need to invest in hardware and software licenses. Clients pay only for what they use at any specific moment.



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